This is our key product. Effective training done in an effective why. Why spend 2 hours a day in the gym when you can do what you need to plus more in around 30. Our focus with training is on the basis of strength training, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice form and function.


“Who Else Wants to Look Great, Feel Awesome, Get Super Strong and Crush any Athletic Challenge?”

NOW Is Your Opportunity To Take Total Control Once and for All.

Meet The Team

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That’s why when you spend time at CrossFit I35, you spend time with the most positive, best, and inspiring coaches in the industry. Ones that actually care.

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Renaissance Periodization is Coming to CrossFit I35.

THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE IS ON We have some very exciting news to share, CrossFit I35 in conjunction with Renaissance Periodization is offering a 90 Day Transformation Challenge. This challenge is a 90 commitment and will deliver results beyond anything you’ve ever tried before. If you haven’t heard of Renaissance Periodization here’s a little from…

Marks Story

From Coach Mark Gregory.  Cancer has most likely impacted your life. Please consider making a difference. I am currently supporting two great organizations. Barbells for Boobs believes everyone has the right to know. They raise funds to provide mammogram screening as early detection is key to success. Every $80 raised provides one more person with…

CrossFit I35 is Now a Proud Affiliate of the Crossroads Adaptive Alliance

Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance is the only US 501c3 nonprofit of its kind – building a stronger community for adaptive athletes and their coaches. We help athletes with permanent needs participate in life-changing fitness opportunities through education, grants, and competition. You can find out about all of our initiatives and programs on our Programs Page.…


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90 Day Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 90-day challenge. Many of us hit our goal weight, some got close and everyone who participated learned a great deal about how what and when to eat to fuel maximum performance and fat loss. Women’s Winners                        …


The CrossFit Games Team Series is coming to CrossFit I35. PAIR UP AND WORK OUT   Two sets of partner workouts will be released with a live announcement on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and Wednesday, Sept. 27. In Week 1, pairs will have until Monday, Sept. 25, to complete the workouts and submit their scores. The…

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