We're looking for 15 people to take part in February's Transformation Challenge for only $97.

Do You:

  • Want to look and feel fantastic?

  • Want to look great this summer?

  • Do you want to see what CrossFit is all about?
  • Willing to follow an individualized training plan?
  • Willing to follow a personalized food plan?

The February group starts Saturday January 28th.  
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Morning, Afternoon and Evening Times Avaliable.

Here's What Our People Say

 "I love the community at Crossfit I35. They are my family. My favorite part is I get to do all of these workouts with my amazing wife. She works out with my every day. She supports me, cheers me on, and also no reps me. It has brought us closer and we have fun growing in CrossFit together. I am strong now. I look strong. Not overly strong, just strong and it helps me feel good about myself. I like being able to easily move things and be in shape to do other activities.


“Dawn is one of our favorite transformation stories.  Just watch!  We also want everyone to know thats she's down another 15 since this video was shot!”


“I just finished my second course, and it's so much fun that I plan to do a third when I have time.”


Read Ashleys Story Below

“I Am The Very First Member of CrossFit I35.  My confidence is like nothing it has ever been before. I’m not only physically confident, but emotionally. The better I felt about myself, the better person I became. I remember thinking in 2007, when I weighed almost 150 lbs. that wasn’t that bad. I had the mindset that I could never be that 120 lb. girl again. At only 5 feet tall that shouldn’t be something I should have ever been thinking. Now, after all of those years and all the working out attempts and ridiculous diets I tried, I have never had success like I have at CrossFit I-35. Not only am I back to weighing 121 lbs., I am a 121 lb. strong, lean muscular chick! Also, feeling good in a 2-piece swimsuit is a big bonus.


I used to think fitness meant being thin and toned. Now I know it means being strong, fast, and agile, with high endurance. It's less about how your body looks and more about what it can do. I only participated in dance when I was younger and didn't see myself as an athletic person. When I first started, it was intimidating to be in a class with people who could lift heavy weights and do all sorts of movements that I had never done in my life. I have learned that how I stack up against other people is less important than my own personal growth. If I can lift heavier or finish a WOD faster than I did the last time, that's success.


The people at CrossFit I-35 have become a second family. The community there is very close and I feel supported inside and outside of our gym life. I definitely have much more confidence in myself now! I love that I get compliments almost every day on my appearance, from friends and from strangers! I am also wearing a pant size that I have never worn in my life, even though I weigh the same. I have also drastically reduced my genetically high cholesterol.


This Program Is Limited To 20 People.  
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