Kettlebell WOD 07/15/14

Check out this post by Ashleigh Kast on “length is strength”:



  • 2 Armbars each side
  • 2 TGUs each side
  • 2 Prying Goblet Squats


  • 1-5-1 Press Ladder L
  • 1-5-1 Press Ladder R
  • 1-5-1 Pushup/Deadlift


  • 10 Rounds of:
    • 10L/10R Snatch
    • 5 Squats

Kettlebell WOD 7/12/14

Most of us are members of the gym because we understand how powerful it is to feel healthy and strong, along those lines, check out these thoughts from the owner of Nashville Kettlebell, Master SFG, David Whitley:  Mastery of Strength   Kettlebell Workout 7/12/14 Warmup: Typical Joint Mobility Warmup 2 Arm Bars each side 2…