Kettlebell WOD 5/6/14

I know we have a few members who are interested in kettlebell certification.  For those of you on the fence, check out this article in Breaking Muscle:  Photo courtesy of Mandy Whitley Photography   Kettlebell WOD 5/6/14 Warmup 3 Arm Bars each side 3 TGUs each side 3 Prying Goblet Squats   Strength: 2,…

WOD 5/5/14

Squat Cycle Week 2 Back Squat (High Bar) 6×6 at 70% 1RM but add 10-20 pounds to last weeks weight. Then: Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of: 10 High Hang Power Snatches, 95/65 lbs 20 Handstand Shoulder Touches 20 Kettlebell Step Ups, 26/16 kg 20″ box Rx+ or competition athletes handstand…

WOD 5/3/14

Continue Squat Cycle with: Back Squat (High Bar) 10×3 at 85% 1RM Then: CrossFit I35 Baseline Workout base·line /ˈbāsˌlīn/ – Noun: A minimum or starting point used for comparisons. Starting today all new members of CrossFit I35 will do this workout on the first visit.  We will repeat this workout periodically to assess results. 500…

Kettlebell WOD 5/1/14

I often reference Gray Cook in these posts, as he is the man behind the FMS system (Functional Movement Screening).  This past week, he wrote an article for StrongFirst – check it out!   Kettlebell WOD 5/1/14 Warmup: Farmer’s Carry Racked Carry OH Carry Strength – 2 reps, 3 reps, 6 reps of the…

WOD 5/2/14

More Squats Back Squat (High Bar) 8×4 at 80% 1RM Then Nasty Girls 3 rounds for time of: 50 Air Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 Hang Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs Or 2014 CrossFit Games Regional Event 3 Nasty Girls V2 3 rounds for time of: 50 Alternating Single Leg Squats (pistols) 7 Muscle Ups 10…

WOD 5/1/14

Russian Kettlebell Swings


Use heaviest bell(s) possible.  Height of swing isn’t important but coming properly from the backside or posterior chain is.


15-12-9 reps, for time of:
Handstand Push-up Power
Clean & Jerk, 135/95 lbs


Double Kettlebell presses 5×5

3×8 Arch to Hollow Med Ball Throws 16/20# 10′ from Wall

WOD 4/30/14

Continue with Squat cycle with Back Squat (High Bar) 7×5 at 75% 1RM Then: 3 rounds for time of: 40 Kettlebell Goblet Squats, 24/16 lbs 30 Push-up (hand release)s 20 Box Jumps, 24/20 in Buyout Straight Leg GHD with bands 4×20 3×6 Arch to Hollow Swing on Bar, Pause to dead hang between each rep.…

Kettlebell WOD 4/29/14

Last week, we shared an article on “Things are going so well, let me screw it up”.  Here is part II for those who found it interesting:   Warmup: 3 Arm Bars each side 3 Turkish Get Ups each side 3 Prying Goblet Squats Strength Ladder – 2 reps, 3 reps 6 reps of…