WOD 3/6/14

Every 1 min for 10 mins:
2 Clean & Jerks, 70% 1RM
50-40-30-20-10 reps, for time of:
Double Under
Sit-up (abmat)
Stretch and mobilize anything that is tight, sore or hurting in preparation for tomorrows open workout 14.2
14.2 Watch Party 7pmPhoto Dec 08, 3 56 19 PM


Kettlebell WOD 03/04/14

Why would you want to add Kettlebell classes to your workout repertoire?  Check out this article by physical therapist, Leonidas Scantalides, on why he’s added kettlebells to his regimen and is planning to get StrongFirst Girya certified: http://www.ironbodystudios.com/index.cfm/news-updates/why-i-choose-kettlebells-by-leonidas-scantalides-dpt-cscs-nsca-cpt/ Stay Strong! -CA Kettlebell WOD:  03/04/14 Warmup: 2 TGUs each side 2 Arm Bars each side 2…