WOD 1/17/14

Max Effort Lower Body

Banded Conventional Deadlift
1rm Max


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:
7 Handstand Push-ups
7 Knees To Elbows
7 Burpees


Dimmel Deadlifts 3×20


WOD 1/16/14

Snatch : 1 Rep Maxsalimi_snatch_olympic_games_london_2012

Deficit Snatch Grip Lift offs


5 rounds for time of:
10 Overhead Squats, 115/75 lbs
10 Snatch Grip Deadlifts, 115/75 lbs
10 AbMat Sit-ups


4×15 Bent Leg GHD

CrossFit women doing pullups

WOD 1/15/14

Dynamic Effort Upper Body Bench Press With Band 8×3 at 50% 1RM Barbell Rows 4×10 Then Tabata Something Else Tabata Pull-up Tabata Push-up Tabata Sit-up (abmat) Tabata Air Squat The Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals. Tabata score is the total reps performed in all…

WOD 1/14/14

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes: 3 Position Clean + Push Jerk, 75% 1RM Then: The Chief The Chief For 5 cycles: AMRAP in 3 mins of: 3 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs 6 Push-ups 9 Air Squats Rest 1 min between each cycle. For each cycle restart the AMRAP. Buyout Romanian Deadlift 3×20…