Kettlebell WOD 08/12/14

This workout is press-heavy, but really is a workout built to help each of you obtain a new personal record in your Turkish Get Up.  In order to understand the different presses, check out this breaking muscle article by Master RKC Andrew Read: This workout was also created by Andrew Read, who is the…

Kettlebell WOD 7/31/14

Check out this blog on the origins of StrongFirst programming – notice how they parts are very similar to what is programmed into our CrossFit classes…  70-80% of you 1RM?? Warmup: 2 Arm Bars 2 TGUs 2 Prying Goblet Squats Strength – 40:20 – 2x SLDL/Row L SLDL/Row R Press L Press R Squat Pushup…

Kettlebell WOD 07/26/14

Many of you have heard me call out to brace your abs like you’re getting ready to take a punch to the gut.  The more common “ab” cue is to suck your belly button in….  check out this article on why bracing is a better technique:   Warmup: Farmer’s Carries Racked Carries OH Carries…

Kettlebell WOD 07/24/14

Here is a great article on how to refine your kettlebell snatch: Warmup: 3 TGUs each side 3 Arm Bars each side StrongFirst – Double Bell Complex – 5x: 5 Push Presses 5 Jerks 5 Rows Rest 1 minute Workout:  9 minute KB Complex From Hell: One Arm Swing (:30L :30R) High Pull (:30L…

Kettlebell WOD 07/22/14

So, as many of you know, I suffer from some lower back issues due to pelvic instability, and I know some of you have similar problems.  I found this article on pelvic instability and how to use some hanging leg progressions to solve these problems:   Warmup: 3 sets of 3 Punch Up Situps…

Kettlebell WOD 07/19/14

Check out this great article from the Optimum Performance Training Institute on the science behind training barefoot or in minimalist shoes:  Why We Train Barefoot   Kettlebell WOD 7/19: Warmup:  4 TGUs – one “naked”, one with light bell, one with medium bell, one with heavy bell Workout:  3x 40:20 Swing Press L Press R…

Kettlebell WOD 07/15/14

Check out this post by Ashleigh Kast on “length is strength”:



  • 2 Armbars each side
  • 2 TGUs each side
  • 2 Prying Goblet Squats


  • 1-5-1 Press Ladder L
  • 1-5-1 Press Ladder R
  • 1-5-1 Pushup/Deadlift


  • 10 Rounds of:
    • 10L/10R Snatch
    • 5 Squats