CrossFit I35 is the place to train with kettlebells in the Kansas City area.  We’ve noticed how many CrossFit gyms utilize images of kettlebells in their logos and marketing but never explore the full potential of the kettlebell as an amazing training tool in its own right.  Kettlebell training will not only make you a better CrossFit athlete but is an amazing training tool in its own right separate from CrossFit.

cynthia lofquist with Jeff Martone

Cynthia lofquist with Master of Sport Jeff Martone

Like CrossFit the kettlebell is a throwback to how the great strength athletes of the early 20th century trained and to the glory days of the cold war Soviet sports machine.  Kettlebell lifters (Girvik) and eastern bloc athletes of the cold war era knew something that modern kettlebell lifters and CrossFit athletes have rediscovered.  That discovery is that the best and most effective training methods don’t require a big box gym with hundreds of thousands dollars in fancy machine and high tech treadmills but a pullup bar, a barbell and a few kettlebells are all one needs to increase muscular endurance, lose fat, and build size and strength. Kettlebell training will not only improve your physique, it will give you strength and mental toughness that you did not know was even possible.

Benefits of kettlebell lifting include,

Get more done in less time
Develop Functional Strength
Correct imbalances
Develop incredible power
Kettlebells develop power-endurance and strength-endurance
Kettlebells combine “cardio” and strength training
Develop insane core and grip strength
Kettlebells develop strength at the extremes of your range of motion

The magic of the kettlebell is because of the off centered handle ballistic exercises such as the swing and snatch can be facilitated.  The fast explosive full body movements build athletic power and burn fat far more effectively than “modern” gym equipment.

The trainers at CrossFit I35 are all certified Pavel Tsatsouline of Strong First and Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete and CrossFit.  The SFG and RKC (Strong First Girvik, Russian Kettlebell Certification) designations are the highest standard of excellence in kettlebell instructions.  

CrossFit I35 is the best place for kettlebell training in the entire Kansas City area. Photo of Christine Argo SFG courtesy of

Christine Argo SFG

Since we are a CrossFit gym many ask us why they should augment CrossFit or even forgo CrossFit training altogether with Kettlebells here are a few reasons:

1) It’s strength and cardio, every time you train. Want to get your heart rate up and keep it there? Check. Want to develop hardcore strength? Check.

2) The skill set is smaller, so it’s faster to master. Olympic lifting takes many years to get a proper handle on. Handstands and gymnastics are the same. They are fun as hell to practice, but the swing, Turkish Get Up, long cycle, press, etc are basic, fairly simple exercises with infinite variation to build from. Plus the emphasis is on mastering the movement before you start tossing weight into the mix.

3) Scaling down and up is a no brainer. The consistency is awesome. Especially if you use competition bells like we have at CrossFit I35, then even the size of the bell is the same, it’s just heavier or lighter.

4) It’s low impact. Even though there are ballistic movements in kettlebell training, it’s very low impact on your joints. You don’t need to worry about whether your shoulders can handle 2-3 times your bodyweight like you do with kipping pull-ups. You don’t have to run or leap to get your heart rate up, etc.

5) It can be awesome recovery work. Feeling beaten up? Go to kettlebell class, drop down 1-2 sizes from what you usually do and get in an awesome recovery workout while still emphasizing good form and getting a nice skill-based workout in.

CrossFit I35 is the place for Kettlebell training in the Kansas City area.


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