Do you want to become STRONGER and FASTER?

Are FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH important to you?

Would better CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS improve your life?

Is becoming a BETTER ATHLETE vital to your life’s plan?


If you answered YES to any of those questions, then CrossFit I35 is the right place for you!





The problem: When I opened my first fitness business 10 years ago there weren’t a lot of choices for a person to get in great shape.  Personal training was reserved for only a select few, because it was too costly. Even so the as the demand increased and there were organizations certifying personal trainers in weekend courses. So, when looking for a trainer you were likely to get one that was a) too expensive, b) underqualified or c) even worse – both.  The other option was to go to a big box gym with lots of expensive equipment.  The monthly cost seemed reasonable enough but you were left to look around and figure out your own routine.  So out of frustration you may have hired a trainer at the gym with a weekend certification to show you how.  They may have looked great but looking awesome and building people’s workout and nutrition programs take more than looks.  There were also boutique fitness establishments which were more about your personal comfort than results.  And in recent years there has also been a surge in high intensity classes that while challenging are nothing more than totally random workouts with little or no real coaching.



The solution At CrossFit I35 we provide our unique approach to CrossFit that provides the best of personal training and the dynamic support of a community who knows your name and celebrates your achievements as well.  At CrossFit I35, we provide our CrossFit class and personal training members with the highest quality service from our Transformation Coaches. Our coaches have real world experience either changing their own physiques and/or clients. The system we use has time and time again achieved the desired results. Helping people look better naked! There I said it and in the meanwhile you will get stronger and more athletic than you could ever imagine. We will get you results. Period! Your results are our results so we ensure that you achieve your goals. Secondly, we do it without the use of crash diets and fad training programs! The system we use cuts out the crap and more often than not actually makes people’s lives easier because the methods we use are that effective! We get real world results with, real world training and lifestyle practices so you can not only achieve your goals, you can keep getting those results for life


This is our core product. This is what we have built our reputation on. Effective, efficient, and fun training. Based upon the original ideas of CrossFit’s founder Greg Glassman our successful training programs are based on strength work. You NEED to lift weights. That’s why we ensure that from beginners who haven’t lifted a weight before to advanced lifters who looking to set personal bests lifts. Technique is key, you have to earn the ability to lift, and from this you then earn the ability to lift heavier. We teach you this in a non intimidating environment, with world class equipment, and world class trainers.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE THAT STARTED THE ENTIRE CROSSFIT FITNESS REVOLUTION




Since you can’t out CrossFit a Doughnut we provide simple and easy tools to guarantee you a successful meal plan. Everything that you have heard about nutrition being the most important aspect when it comes to body transformation, is true. That’s why at CrossFit I35 we want to empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to food. Our fresh no nonsense approach to nutrition is always both enlightening and exciting to the person who has failed at both nutrition trends and fad diets.  We teach you to start looking at yourself as an athlete and how to fuel that magnificent engine.
Here’s your first lesson.  Stop eating crap, get the right amount of calories.  Most of you will see massive changes in your body based upon that simple advice alone.  We will build you a plan that when followed will guarantee the right amount of calories and macro (protein, fats, carbs) balance.  We don’t stop there, further lessons will come in the form of, nutritional coaches, building individual frameworks, seminars, weekly webinars, plus much more. We want to set you up so you don’t fail, succeeding in and outside of the gym.


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