WOD 5/30/14

Max Effort Lower Body Back Squat (High Bar) : 3 Rep Max Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of: 20 Kettlebell Snatches, 24/16 kg 20 Weighted Box Step-ups, 24/16 kg 20 Handstand Shoulder Touches* * If you can Handstand Walk, complete a 40′ Handstand Walk instead Buyout Handstand Holds 4x 1 minute.  Try…


WOD 5/29/14

Every minute on the minute for 10 mins:

3 Snatch Pulls, 100% 1RM
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:
10 Push Press, 95/65 lbs
10 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
10 Box Jumps, 24/20 in
50 Double Unders
3×10 Deficit Snatch Lift offs

WOD 5/27/14

Back Squat (High Bar) 8-8-8-8-8 Use heaviest weight possible for each set Dynamic Effort Deadlift Band Deadlift 6×3 at 50% 1RM Then: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 mins of: 6 Pistols 6 Knees To Elbows 9 Kettlebell Swing (Russian)s, use heaviest bell you can swing higher than your belt buckle. Buyout 3×20 Romanian…


5/26/14 Murph

Happy Memorial Day CrossFit I35 is once again proud to honor America’s heroes this Memorial Day Monday May 26th at 9:00am.  Today we specifically honor Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael Murphy recipient of  The Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. This is also bring a friend day all they need to do is fill…


WOD 5/22/14

Every 1 min for 10 mins: 3 Clean Pulls, 90% 1RM Use 90% of Clean weight and work to keep the bar straight through the pop and shrug. Then: 5 rounds for time of: 10 Power Snatches, 115/85 lbs Run, 200 m Buyout Handstand Shifts.  Start with face to wall then shift weight.  Once you…


WOD 5/21/14

Back Squat (High Bar) 5×1 at 80% 1RM Our one rep max is on Friday so 80% means 80% of what your max WAS going into the cycle not what you believe it to be now.  And yes I realize some of you last Friday did sets of 3 with more than your old max.…